I joined the DragonVale World team as Lead Character Artist in April 2015 to help get the Dragons, Wizards, and NPCs to a final, shippable, state for our Soft Launch deadline.

This entailed me taking control of our in-house character team, working with our outsourcing partner, and helping to build out the in-house team for future character production.

In order to hit our deadline I worked closely with my team and outsource partner to create a new, more streamlined, asset creation pipeline that allowed us to not only push out new work more quickly and in the correct style, but improve the overall quality of each asset delivered.

As a result we were not only able to hit our deadline, but we were able able to overhaul some existing dragons and characters to bring them to a final, more polished, result. In the end we created an additional 9 previously unplanned unique dragon models, 480 unique dragon textures, and many new in-game and menu characters before we released into soft launch regions.

After this in January of 2016 I was moved in the Art Lead role for all of DragonVale World where I work closely with all departments from Design and Engineering, to Marketing and QA to ensure we as an art team are handling things both efficently and professionally. Additionally I am responsible for making sure all of the assets that are created and go in the game are on brand and up to the already high standards we have for the DragonVale family.