NinJump Rooftops is a 2.5D side-scrolling endless runner for iOS and Android released in 2013. During it's development I was in the role of Lead Artist. My responsibilities included working closely with the Art Director to make sure that the designs and work my team and I came up with fit within the brand vision.

I also worked closely with Engineering to layout tech requirements and create a proper asset pipeline as well as Design to help facilitate the proper visuals for the mechanics they wanted to implement.

As Lead I worked with my team members to bring the world of NinJump alive and respect the original game while adding in our own unique stamp and growth to the brand.

While my teammates were working on creating environment and UI assets I was working on the characters, collectables, marketing material, meetings, and the overall vision of the game and world we were creating.

Ninjump Rooftops was a truly fun and exciting project to work on and while some things may have been left on the cutting room floor I am still very proud of what we were able to create.