Gizmonauts was released for iOS in 2012. Building off our success with DragonVale, we attempted to take the genre a step further with fully 3D bots each having an entire extra stage of development. This switch allowed us to get much more movement and motion than with the way we did Dragons in DragonVale

We also introduced battling and attachment points to our bots that allowed players to visually customize their bots while also having a functional gameplay benefit as well.

Unfortunately support for Gizmonauts was halted after 6 short months and it was taken off the app store entirely in late 2015.

I started off on Gizmonauts testing out if we could make 3D bots look good and work in our budgets. During production I continued making bots and helping out wherever needed with things such as UI and environment assets.

At peak production I was moved into role of Lead Character Artist to ensure we would have all the bots and attachments completed and ready to go in time for our soft launch date. This meant I was responsible for coordinating work with our contract employees and in house team members to try and not only deliver assets on time, but also make them fit in the game visually.

Between soft launch and global I was transitioned into the role of Lead Artist for the entire project. As such I was able to help influence the way new bot designs and assets looked and fit into the game. We were able to get 7 additional bots out the door, all of which I am immensly proud of, before we ceased production.